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Announcing the beta release of SMART Move VIZ, a real time crowd modelling tool.



Designed and developed by Buro Happold's SMART Solutions team, SMART Move VIZ is based on our flagship crowd simulation software (SMART Move) that has been developed over a number of years, benefiting from our vast experience in simulation of crowd flow at venues covering urban, education, sports, rail and airports.


SMART Move VIZ is an architectural tool, intended for rapid space planning and visualisation of moving crowd in 3D. It is not intended for detailed circulation analysis or behaviour modelling. With an intuitive interface and real time capability, SMART Move Viz is ideal for quick design optioneering and visualisations.


SMART Move VIZ is currently available as a plug-in to Rhino 3D.


The features of SMART Move VIZ are:

  • Real time crowd modelling
  • Intuitive drag-and-draw interface to compare different design options
  • Quick visualisation of moving people without leaving the CAD program
  • Identification of possible pinch points
  • Quick set up of different scenarios with ease
  • Playback, rerun, and save animations as videos

The software has been released in a beta state, and we welcome you to try, evaluate, and feedback either via this site or directly at


We are continuing to extend this beta, enriching it with additional features and bringing in as much of the full SMART Move functionality as possible, while still keeping it simple, intuitive, and most importantly, real time!


Download instructions:

To dowload the installer use the Download tab on the top of the page (the tab is next to the Photos and Videos tab, it will not be visible if you are not a member. You'll need to sign up)


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