This is your place to download, learn and share everything about SmartForm: our realtime shape optimisation and sculptural design tool.

SmartForm has been developed as a component for Grasshopper 3D, a parametric modelling engine within Rhino 3D platform.

Developed by the Smart Space team at BuroHappold, SmartForm is a suite of tools that allow you to rapidly model, analyse and optimise complex freeform shapes found in modern architecture. It has the following components:

  1. SmartForm: to optimise a complex form in real time
  2. SmartFormAnalyser: to rapidly analyse a form and panelisation scheme for a variety of parameters like planarity, distortion, etc.
  3. SmartClustering: an innovative tool that reduces the amount of unique panels and nodes within a given form.

Feel free to download and play with this beta release. We are constantly updating our tools, adding new functionally and improving existing performance, so do keep checking back for our latest news and releases.

Also if you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. Either post a message on this site or email directly to

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