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Hey guys!


Is it possible to use the smart move plug-in on trimmed surfaces? Because my setup seems to work fine, but when I hit play, it all falls apart – see the attached screengrabs or the file.





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Hi Moritz,


Thanks for your feedback - the plug-in does work with trimmed surfaces. The problems you are seeing are slightly more complex.


1. The human figure in your .3dm file has been scaled (looks like you switched units from mm to m). Try a purge and then rerun.


2. Within a given surface (whether trimmed or not) the agents assume they can walk in a straight line from where they are to the 'exit' onto the next surface. It really helps a lot of you split any concave shapes into a number of convex shapes.


3. The surfaces all need to be connected, or you'll get lots of errors about unconnected nodes or invalid routes.


Having said all that, I'm still seeing people getting stuck in doorways after repairing your model, so there probably is a bug that we need to fix. I'll have a look and get back to you.


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