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1.- The first step to start using SmartForm is download it from here.

2.- Once you have downloaded the file. Extract all the content.

3.- Open the Grasshopper Component fodler. Inside Grasshopper go to File > Special Folders > Components Folder.

4.- Drag and drop the files into the Grasshopper Component folder.

5.- Make sure to unblock each file by right clicking Properties > Unblock and Apply.

6.- Repeat the unblock process for every file.

7.- If you open up Rhino and Grasshopper you should be able to see now the SmartForm tab.

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it's so good


Trying to use Smartform on XP Sevice Pack 3 +  Rhino5 SR5 + GH 0.9.0076 

Loaded with no errors but its tab does not appear and its components does not exist.

could you please let me know any probable mistake?



Thanks to David Rutten`s great comments, Solved.

Simply unchecked COFF loading checkbox in the GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command.

It just keeps saying old or expired version :::


1. Sorry, this version of SmartForm has expired.

Please check for latest updates.


any suggestions?

same thing here tried to delete download etc, nothing working any ideas!??

it's so helpful!!


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