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Hi, I dowloaded the SmartForm plugin for Rhino,"SMART Form 2015-09-29" and moved to plugin folder of Rhino. But it's not working when i opened the Rhino...
SmartForm component for Grasshopper work fine.
So, have any solution for this problem ?

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Hi Huy, Apologies for the late reply. We are no longer maintaining the Rhino plugin version of SmartForm as we are focusing on the Grasshopper version.

Is there a particular reason you want the Rhino plugin version rather than the grasshopper version?

Hi Martin, thank for your reply. I think the Rhino plugin version is very useful with some features:  realtime optimisation of form, rapidly create and compare concept designs...

So, anyway. I'm using the Grasshopper version and exploring its features.And the SmartForm is still great plugin for architecture students.

Wish you guys sucess !


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