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I am getting the error message 'invalid selection' when I try to select a piece of geometry.

See attached file.

Richard B.

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I am getting the same issue... i can't select any new geometries, only the sample ones.
I can get two of the examples to work but not the third one.
Cannot get it to work on nurbs surfaces.
me too.


Possible reasons for the 'invalid selection' message box to pop up:

1. Inappropriate geometry or insufficient constraints. The geometry to be relaxed can be a network of lines or a mesh, with at least one constraint (polylines or nurbs curves) applied. In the picture the selection seems to be a nurbs surface and a polyline, therefore the error message.

2. Unsplit lines. The lines in the geometry to be relaxed need to be straight and split at each node. Polylines or nurbs curves are interpreted as a constraint curves.

3. Ambiguity in selection. At the moment the geometry to be relaxed can either be a mesh or a network of lines, not both.

As we go forward we will add a bit more clarity to the message pop up!

As long as you use a set of mesh or a network of lines as illustrated in the examples you shouldn’t go far wrong.

I hope this helps! Thanks for your feedback and please continue to post your questions and comments.



I am still having same issues... the use of some of terms in rhino i am not familar with but i pretty much have tried about anything i can still seems very unforgiving


Kevin - best if you are able to upload your rhino model (however crude or experimental). We can then have a go and send you a working version with any clarifications to help you going forward. It will also help us to understand how you and other users are trying to use the software and therefore improve the interface and documentation.

You can also email us the model at if you prefer to. Cheers.



Check out the video below showing how to create and relax a simple Rhino mesh from scratch. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your feedback. We will shortly be releasing an update simplyfying the user interface including improved help and error messages.

I understood some of this from your earlier reply and the video makes it clearer. Interested to see some more examples of generating meshes.
I got over the invalid selection issue .. but videos are also a real plus, thanks.


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